Whether or not you use Instagram for your business, you need to see these key factors about how Instagram compares to other social platforms when it comes to social media marketing. If you use Instagram for business, you’ll likely learn something that can help you earn even better results. And if you don’t use Instagram? Well, maybe this will be the post that pushes you to try something new.

Let’s have a look at what Instagram gained in 2018 vs 2017

Instagram in 2018

  • 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
  • 500 Million Daily Active Users
  • 400 Million Active Story Users
  • 90% of the top 100 Brands are on Instagram
  • 95% US users are Youtubers too.
  • Instagram introduced IGTV for Content Creators
  • 80% users follow one or more brands
  • Instagram’s mobile ad revenue crossed 6.84 bn dollars

Instagram in 2017

  • 600 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 400 Million Daily Active Users
  • 150 Million Active Story users
  • 96% US Fashion Brands on Instagram
  • 3.5 Bn Likes Everyday
  • No more than 15 Second Videos Allowed
  • 70% used Hashtags are branded
  • Instagram’s mobile ad revenue was 3.64 bn dollars

That’s a whole lot of global ad revenue for your products and services. With estimates of almost $7 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2018. Interested in doing business in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and Japan? Go for it. Tens of millions of active users for your global products.


Country Wise Instagram Statistics
Country Wise Instagram Statistics


The graphic includes a full overview of Instagram’s key user statistics, along with engagement trends and tips on how to boost your performance on the platform.

For more information, see the full infographic below.


Instagram for Business Infographic

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